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We do the links so you don’t have to by Will
January 11, 2010, 12:40 pm
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This is a cat riding a synthesizer through the cosmos

And this is the links roundup:

It’s 2010. So why are we still talking about EOTYear lists 2009? Because the Hype machine publish theirs now and we’re much among ’em //¬† ‘It Must Be Love’ gets (a)-political //James Mercer + DANGER MOUSE = BROKEN BELLS. Listen to¬†some here // THE FREQUENCY have a lovely new site. // And ‘hello 9/10 for upcoming FOUR TET LP, There is Love in You’. We approve, Clash Magazine. //

we do the links so you don’t have to by Will
September 3, 2009, 10:48 am
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These are some drinks:

tropical-drinks.jpg tropical drinks image by tretana

And these are the links (expect a new gimmicky catchphrase next week):

Radiohead’s Reading homage to the YEAH YEAH YEAHS // THE HORRORS and DAMON ALBARN collaborate! // DEVENDRA BANHART unveils¬†sixth studio record¬†due for Autumn Release // A message to you, (Rudy), from THE CRIBS //¬† Dominos video by THE BIG PINK¬†(Also! They’ve just been moved on to the Radio 1 B list which is mighty good) // NME says ‘bene..bene.. ‘ to THE¬†FREQUENCY‘s debut EP ‘ Morning to 3am’¬†// ¬†And some excitement in the¬†Youtube/PRS discussions, finally.. //

And now? De-brief  and CACK-tails..

We Do The Links So You Don’t Have To by Will

Good Morning. Here is the Lynx:

 And here are the links:

// Drowned in Sound’s ‘Best tracks of¬† 2009…so far’¬†features YEAH YEAH YEAHS, SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS,¬†ST VINCENT, METRIC,¬†ANDREW BIRD,¬†¬†BAT FOR LASHES¬†and¬†THE HORRORS. Check out here // ‘In short, the old model is dead but the new one is still an ugly mutant’ – Sean DiS comments on the state of the industry. Nice piece with METRIC getting a lot of column width.¬†// THE FREQUENCY‘s debut EP, ‘Morning to 3am’,¬†album of¬†the week and much lauded¬†by the peeps at¬†Dance Music Review here. // ENGINEERS get a stonking 8/10 album review¬†in DiS.¬†Lovely. (by the way, in case you hadn’t guessed today is DiS day ;))


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