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chrysalisafriday #26 Fashion Week Friday by Will
February 26, 2010, 1:08 pm
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Personally, I buy all the clothes I need for the year, once a year at the TK Max sale (i don’t really). People more in the know (David O’Bryan) however have informed me that twice a year the fashion world moves between the world’s most fashionable cities like a travelling roadshow of often self indulgent, pretentious bullshit beauty, a shop window in to the next seasons must haves, colours, cuts and all things marvellous.

In celebration of this here is some music.

Enjoy and have maaaarvellous weekends dahlings!


February 25, 2010, 3:22 pm
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Karen O- sexiest female.


Resident red boot wearing blogger and general Dandy about town Will ‘I was in Harry Potter don’t you know’  Theakston has whizzed himself to Israel for a couple of weeks r and r in the sunshine, leaving the blog in the relatively capable hands of Gareth ‘what does this button do’ Smith.

Sorry in advance for the lack of rhyming couplets, self deprecating humour and cheeky comments- bad spelling and general scrappiness are the order of the day. For the next couple of weeks.


The NME awards were held last night! The annual celebration of all things indie. Not as serious as the Ivor Novellos and not as self congratulatory or contrived as the Brits- Like the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party with skinnier jeans and better hair.

We did do rather well…

‘Best Track’  was quite rightly won by Big Pink for the infectious wonder that is ‘Dominos‘ Nice one boys- very proud!

Other joy for Karen O from the Yeah yeah Yeah’s who spent last year on the road, released a career defining record and still found time to soundtrack the animated magic that is ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ topped all that off by winning SEXIEST FEMALE. Cosmic.

For a full list of winners and some backstage interviews click HERE

In other unrelated news we went to a STORMING show by Mastodon at the Roundhouse last night. On leaving the venue we got stuck in a lift which hadn’t actually moved. Resulting peril was like a deleted scene from Spinal Tap.

Tis all for now- chrysalisafriday tomorrow and usual blog banter next week.


chrysalisafriday by Will
February 19, 2010, 4:09 pm
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The new FIELD MUSIC LP, ‘Field Music (Measure)’, has been out for a week and we have eight songs of it. (yes!). We really love Field Music. It’s a little unusual for us to dedicate Chrysalisafriday to a single brotherly musical outfit, but we wanted to show the Brewis Brothers some love. The sort that celebrates music with heart and urgency and sunshine and balls. So if you’ve been living in a musical vacuum, eating wagon wheels and listening to Justin Bieber then do us a favour and have a listen. Come on – we’ve even thrown in the Brewis solo projects, THE WEEK THAT WAS and SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE, for good measure. Do it. No really, do it. HERE

Oh and have a read of what other folks say – Pitchfork say The Times say / The Guardian say.

Now have a bloody marvellous weekend.

– Brilliant Binary Brewis Brothers

nathan fake, four tet and caribou… by Will
February 15, 2010, 10:51 am
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The dome is not just a spectacular over-budget millenium disappointment. It is also a village hall style venue in Kentish Town where, a mere three days ago, FOUR TET spun the aural deliciousness that is ‘There is Love in You’. Support and DJ setting courtesy of NATHAN FAKE and CARIBOU, the latter playing new tracks from the masterful new LP ‘swim’. If it were opposites day I would say that no-one smiled and everyone could have enjoyed it more. You do the maths.

FOUR TET – Plastic People

 CARIBOU – Odessa

– Kieran Hebden in the round. Nice.

chrys-a-lis-a-fri-day by Will
February 12, 2010, 1:33 pm
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Valentines day. Fed into the collective western consciousness as a delight to the palette of the soul. Rubbish. Valentines day is a fly tip of misery, a landscape potted with crammed ‘just for two’ tables in overpriced restaurants, ill-thought out motorway service flowers and price drop chocolates, nipple-less corsets that will never be worn, budget-blowing-grey-parisian-pickpocketed-on-the-metro-and-sold-plastic-rose-by-unshakeable-gipsywoman-weekends, undelivered M&S flowers, false promises, bridget jones solo singalongs, tearful cold-bedded solo self abuse, frustration, despair, misery. With this in mind, here is a playlist celebrating the joyous festival of St Valentine. Click HERE to listen.

(ps. If anyone would like to have dinner on Sunday please write to Will at Table for One, Tired-of-sleeping-alone mansions, Lonelyton, London)

the low anthem by Will
February 11, 2010, 11:22 am
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THE LOW ANTHEM are playing Shepherds Bush tonight.  We will be there screaming through cigarette gluttonous lungs to ‘the Horizon is A Beltway’, gently swaying to the blissful dream of ‘To Ohio’ and, more generally, looking with wonderment at their moustaches extraordinaires. They’ve just announced their headline slot at End of the Road Festival, write heart wrenchingly beautiful songs and sing with a fervour that convinces you that the apocalypse must be due within seconds. (In a good way). For that and more –  THE LOW ANTHEM we salute you.

Billy Idol Thursday by Will
February 11, 2010, 10:36 am
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It’s BILLY IDOL Thursday. Obviously.. and we’re taking it back to where it all began – GENERATION X. Music comes courtesy of the BBC in Concert series from May 1978. Click HERE and you’ll be whisked away to Spotify.