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We do the links so you don’t have to by Will
May 13, 2010, 12:04 pm
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When you’re in EDWARD SHARPE & THE MAGNETIC ZEROS, this is how life is. From now on I plan on existing through the medium of super 8 film.

Elswhere.. THE LOW ANTHEM have been nominated in the MOJO honours list in the ‘breakthrough’ category. Vote here!  Also check out their stupendous bandwidth session. Do it. // LEFTFIELD‘s Neil Barnes reacts to the massive collective euphoria from the public as he gears up to play dates across Europe this summer // More on BIG BOI‘s forthcoming  ‘Sir Luscious Leftfoot’ solo project and album //

That is all for now, condemotives of Britain.


the low anthem by Will
February 11, 2010, 11:22 am
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THE LOW ANTHEM are playing Shepherds Bush tonight.  We will be there screaming through cigarette gluttonous lungs to ‘the Horizon is A Beltway’, gently swaying to the blissful dream of ‘To Ohio’ and, more generally, looking with wonderment at their moustaches extraordinaires. They’ve just announced their headline slot at End of the Road Festival, write heart wrenchingly beautiful songs and sing with a fervour that convinces you that the apocalypse must be due within seconds. (In a good way). For that and more –  THE LOW ANTHEM we salute you.

We’ve had a lovely year by Will

‘Come on, chaps – let’s have a listen to that new joint from Chrysalis.  Thompson’s gone on a pimp juice reccy. Last one to get crunk is a wet blanket’

Indeed. Well, there’s nothing like gathering in Norwegian woollen jumpers, lighting pipes and giving the last 12 months in music a right going over. That’s exactly what we’ve spent the last month doing. We now have a massive pipe tobacco dependance, broad 1940s accents and a penchant for calling each other by surname only. More truthfully, 2009 has been a sensational year for Chrysalis artists. Much lauded albums released, big gigs played, festival crowds won over, new artists signed, ads synched, tv spots spotted, Mercury prize nominations nominated, picnics played, Letterman’s performed, end of year lists invited.. So with that in mind for your aural (and sexual?) pleasure (no, probably not) here compiled are our musical revelations of the year. The ones that will endure in our minds for the longest into the new decade and beyond. Of course the choosing was very difficult. But 2009 according to Gareth, Sophie, David and Will was all about this:

Gareth ‘I’m the boss so I’m not putting anything here’ Smith:

  1. YYY’s ‘Zero’ – Is the bit about a minute and a half in when the song is launched into orbit that makes me smile. On the tube. At randoms. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.
  2. THE CRIBS ‘Cheat on Me’. Effortless, honest and unpretentious.
  3. EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS ‘Home’. A singalong stroke of brilliance by a band of 15 smiling people on stage – a cult you want to join.

Sophie ‘S’aink S’aink’ Urquhart:

  1. THE BIG PINK ‘Too young to love (Unkle Remix)’ – Ridiculously cool track in itself. The Unkle remix just gives it that special s’aink s’aink. Pure ear joy.
  2. THE LOW ANTHEM ‘Charlie Darwin’ – This song makes me want to smile and cry simultaneously.
  3. GOSSIP ‘Four Letter Word’ – I love the insanely catchy synth bassline in this track which makes me feel like I’m at an 80’s discotheque every time I listen to it, which is a lot.

David ‘Why use one word when fifty will do’ O’Bryan:

  1. BAT FOR LASHES ‘Daniel’ – Despite being drenched to the core at her Somerset House gig, seeing her perform a flawless rendition of this mystical pop song of Fleetwood Mac proportions is a definite gig highlight of ther year for me.
  2. NATHAN FAKE ‘The turtle’ – I love techno when it’s for the head, like Aphex Twin. I love techno when it’s for the dancefloor, like Dubfire. But when you have techno that’s for the head AND the dancefloor in one song, it’s perfection. This song is just that.
  3. PATRICK WOLF ‘Hard Times’ – His show at the Palladium is one of my favourite gigs of the year… seeing him sing this song in a giant glitter cape, whilst spinning like a pagan dandy, is one of my music highlights of the year.

Will ‘I grew attached to it’ Theakston:

  1. THE HORRORS ‘Mirrors Image’  I have listened to this song 7,863 times this year. I marked each play by dropping a small paper effigy of the band in my ‘I love the Horrors bassline’ hope chest. That’s not weird.
  2. METRIC ‘Satellite Mind’ The greatness of this song and Metric’s album should be screamed from the rooftops. We’re not allowed on our roof anymore, so I’ll scream it from a, er, blog.
  3. ANDREW BIRD ‘Fitz and Dizzyspells’  If you could open a can and summer came out this song would be the accompaniment. LOVE the bird.

 Oh, and without further ado..

Later with Chrysalis by Will
November 18, 2009, 11:47 am
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What do DAVID GRAY, THE BIG PINK, THE LOW ANTHEM and many staccato, high-pitched, introductions have in common? – Well, they were all features on Later last night, of course. It could well have been called Later with Chrysalis such were the number of our artists on the show.. Anyway! Go forth immediately and watch this week’s show in full. Which you can do HERE.

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Low Anthem by Will
August 19, 2009, 10:04 am
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THE LOW ANTHEM are my band of the year (so far), definitely my album of the year (so far) and maybe gig of the year (so far). (It is only August).

First saw them in a daytime show in a bar on 6th street, Austin. SXSW was in full swing and they were pissed off, it was stinking hot, the bar was rammed with expectant faces and we were surrounded by bars with noodling guitar heroes drowning out any noise they tried to make. They were struggling to be heard and the frustration was palpable (though not audible…) They persevered, turned the anger into atmosphere (turned up) and they were amazing. I saw them again the next night at midnight in a church (no booze or loos), illuminated by a 20ft cross. It wasn’t a religious experience but the context was fitting and I was hooked.

We are very happy to announce we have signed them (via Chrysalis Music USA). Check out some reviews and videos below:

G x




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