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Sophie’s Latitude by Sophie
July 22, 2009, 9:24 am
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It’s not easy to do a review of Latitude festival without sounding like a snob down to its bad reputation as being the most middle class festival. This is perhaps because it integrates literature, poetry, theatre and music. However… 4 days and 20 000 people later it had 2 fights and 1 robbery, a constant supply of loo roll and sanitizer, a lot of security and bar staff and, for me, this is what I want from a festival. Dharling.

Highlight no.1: 12 noon Sunday 19th July my snooze is interrupted by the loudest cheer from the main stage mic ‘Shhhh people are sleeping’, it’s Thom Yorke (AKA best hangover cure in the world). His set is mesmerising, inspiring and genius (just like him). Luckily for me the big screens weren’t on so I could lie down in the sun, close my eyes, and take in the music without getting distracted by people watching or lazy eyes. Between debuting ‘The Present Tense’ (it’s a new song so you  know, go for a piss.’), playing some acoustic Radiohead and some tracks from The Eraser, Yorke bantered with the crowd and was (perhaps unusually) pretty damn hilarious.

I always find that the choice for the Uncut Arena (which is in a large tent) unusual. Last year Blondie, this year Bat For Lashes / Spiritualized / Gossip (purely coincidence as they are all Chrysalis artists ;)) I feel they could all take on a bigger crowd on the main stage. Also being a short-ass like myself and having no big screens in there I didn’t manage to actually ‘see’ any of these artists – only hear them. However, the sound is good, the arena has a fun atmosphere and, of course, it’s dry.

White Lies played to an enormous crowd which was a joy to see since I think I was the only one singing along last year. They played an epic set and looked like true professionals throwing in an effotless Portishead cover for good measure. Sadly Spiritualized and Grace Jones were on at the same time though both did bring in impressive sized crowds. I opted for two tracks of Jones (fabulous outfits as expected) and watched most of Pierce, whose live voice is sensational.

It was a great disappointment that I missed out on many bands that I would have loved to have seen – not due to being stuck behind a stag do in fancy dress at the bar or psyching myself up for the long drop.. but because the programmes were an incredible £8! To be fair it is a thick book with details about every performer but who wants to carry that round with them..?

Other highlights:

– The Irrepressibles (Lake Stage). Stunning strings accompanied by a Baroque styled Anthony Hegarty sound-a-like singer.

– !!!Chk Chk Chk (Sunrise Arena). One of the best festival bands because of their insane energy and likeability of front man Nic Offer.

– Cool (for) cats Squeeze

– Human Sheep

I could go on, but I won’t.


This Week by Will
April 3, 2009, 10:25 am
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– Looks like this year at Latitude’s UNCUT stage will be an all Chrysalis affair (Gossip, Bat For Lashes and Spiritualized sharing headlining duties)

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ‘Skeleton’ 8/10 review and some Q and A on DiS.

Bat For Lashes ‘Glass’ 8/10 review and a BFL podcast from the lovely left-wing lotharios at the Guardian. And a behind the scenes look at the makinbg of ‘Daniel’ below:

Brooklyn’s White Rabbits on the Fork Cast : music magic from our American Office. Soon to be on our shores.

and then there’s the bed wetting, edge of seat sitting, excitement of the forthcoming Danger mouse/Sparklehorse Live Album.

Today, brevity is the spice of life. Followed closely by nutmeg.