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Pengers Pengers Pengers by Will
April 30, 2010, 4:51 pm
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Defier of Volcanoes, imprisoner of Penguins, cool-handed manipulator of synthesizers, Morgan Freeman listener, foe of  global warming, regurgitator of nothing but food and… this week – London performer. 

Yes tis indeed true, PENGUIN PRISON played Hoxton Bar and Grill on Wednesday and caused something of a stir. The blogs are buzzing harder than Kerry Katona on the GMTV sofa (oooh. edgy reference..). The general consensus is that the show was a delight.

Tonight he and his band will be playing a free show at The C.A.M.P. Get your pretty little feet down there. Enjoy your weekends. Apologies for the lack of nonsense this week but we’ve been working our all our music publishing elves to the bone which means no chrysalisafriday. Fear not. Chrysalisatuesday is your lifeline.