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chrys-a-lis-a-fri-day by Will
February 12, 2010, 1:33 pm
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Valentines day. Fed into the collective western consciousness as a delight to the palette of the soul. Rubbish. Valentines day is a fly tip of misery, a landscape potted with crammed ‘just for two’ tables in overpriced restaurants, ill-thought out motorway service flowers and price drop chocolates, nipple-less corsets that will never be worn, budget-blowing-grey-parisian-pickpocketed-on-the-metro-and-sold-plastic-rose-by-unshakeable-gipsywoman-weekends, undelivered M&S flowers, false promises, bridget jones solo singalongs, tearful cold-bedded solo self abuse, frustration, despair, misery. With this in mind, here is a playlist celebrating the joyous festival of St Valentine. Click HERE to listen.

(ps. If anyone would like to have dinner on Sunday please write to Will at Table for One, Tired-of-sleeping-alone mansions, Lonelyton, London)


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