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From The Archives: Chungking by Will
November 9, 2009, 10:33 am
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I like to think of CHUNGKING as the ‘being-fed-aphrodisiac-soaked-grapes-by-a-semi-naked-Michelle-Pfeiffer-on-a-cloud-of-butterflies’ band. This is where ‘Angel Eyes’ has the power to transport me, the easily succumbed lover of all things Chungking. Yes, they share a name with a much lauded mid-nineties film about the relationship between a Hong Kong policeman and his lover. No, they are not a distant chinese relative of boxing promoter, Don King. They are (or, rather, were originally) Brighton based 3 piece Sean Hennesy, James Stephenson and Jessie Banks – purveyors of psychedelic-soul-love-dream-pop and writers of soaring, melodic wonderpieces. Having come together in the early noughties through a combination of music and fatal attraction (Sean and Jessie were, at the time of coming together musically, soon to be ex-lovers) they made a few demos that, unbeknown to them, had waved goodbye to the intimate circle of friends into whose hands most demos work their way and struck out for Japan where good souled dj’s played them on repeat. Returning westwards (ho!) they then fell into the hands of blighty based Tummy Touch Records boss Tim ‘Love’ Lee. A few 7 inches later 2003’s debut, ‘We Travel Fast’, followed and with it a handful of pop behemoths, including ‘Angel Eyes’, ‘Come With Me’ and ‘World of A Thousand Suns’. A year later they re-released the album as ‘The Hungry Years’ which included most of ‘We Travel Fast’ plus several bonus tracks (most notably the red hot, ‘Voodoo’). Their most recent release, ‘Stay Up Forever’ was marked by the departure of Stephenson as well as the acquisition of a more driving, in your face sound. All the much loved goodness was still there however (especially in ‘Love is here to Stay’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Slow’)… Anyway, what I’m trying to say is Chungking is pretty delicious listening and you could do with having them in your life. And not just in order to experience the Michelle Pfeiffer butterfly phenomenon. Though that isn’t an entirely ill thought-out plan..


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