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July 23, 2009, 9:43 am
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From the Basement

We really like this. Nigel ‘Radiohead’s production wizard’ Godrich decides there is a dearth of good quality, live audience-free, band-focused, old grey whistle test style music programming available to the world and has set up a wonderful new music show of his own, accordingly. In his own words ‘the whole emphasis of the show is about being artist friendly and making our bands feel as comfortable as possible so that they can give great performances without the usual agony of TV promo which everyone has to do but no-one seems to enjoy. TV world is a pretty hostile environment for your average musician to walk into and bare his soul on cue…’.

OK, so band friendly environment.. comfortable setting… tv promo bad… soul baring good. Well, the results are quite stunning. These recordings capture an intimacy uncommon elsewhere in the canon of music tv programming (‘Later’ aside, perhaps) that allows real artist soul baring, but also, crucially, that golden ‘put yourself in the studio/practice room with the artist’ effect. It’s as if the bands are performing just for you, and therein lies the magic.

The first series of shows went online a matter of weeks ago and include some really nice performances by our very own GNARLS BARKLEY, THE RACONTEURS and FLEET FOXES, among others (messrs Yorke, Greenwood, Selway and O’Brien included, of course). Check them out. It’ll be worth it.


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