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From the Archives: Jakobinarina by Will
April 2, 2009, 11:25 am
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No this is not the Hoxton Scouting Troupe on a Sunday excursion to camp Baden Powell. This is Jakobinarina.

It grieves me to have to welcome them into the ‘from the Archives’ section so quickly but Jakobinarina, purveyors of sensational impish pop mastery disbanded in March 2008. Jakobinarina were more underrated than firing arrows in people’s eyes was before the battle of Hastings. But as is sometimes the way, their planets simply failed to collide at the same time. The band (all aged 16-20) were extremely hyped- ‘demented electro pop delivered by a robot from 1991…pretty essential’ (NME)…’the band that threatens to beat the Brits at their own game’ (i-D) (listen up, Doherty) – lyrically succinct and witty, musically brash and delicious and an entertaining bunch of chaps to boot. Indeed when the band signed to Chrysalis the lead singer, Gunnar, appeared in our office dressed in a sailor suit wearing a motorcycle helmet. Before he answered any questions he would lift his visor, and then would lower it on making his point. Quite frankly there just aren’t enough sailor suit wearing, visor lifting, ‘coca cola club band’ name changeing, Icelandic punk imps in the world. And now Jakobinarina is gone. But NOT FORGOTTEN. (how did this not take off? I really don’t understand)


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