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Pleasures of the guilty variety by Will
March 12, 2009, 11:51 am
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Guilty pleasures…guilty pleasures… ‘we’re not talking candlewax on the nipples or witchcraft or anything like that’, no.

We ARE thinking those songs that you would only dare listen to in a secure, bystander free, environment (an isolated nuclear bunker, on the arm of a deaf grandparent, the channel islands, Narnia..). You certainly wouldn’t risk it on the Hammersmith and City line, cranked up to eleven, confirming in a cruel instant to your fellow Londoners that you secretly adore Donny Osmond or Sir Cliff or Haysi Fantasyzee. No, that’s the moment to be caught reading Proust or blaring out the latest Williamsburg/Hackney minimal cosmic disco out of a set of vintage headphones.

Well, we disagree. Tube Travelers, high st walkers, back of bendy bus riders unite! Feel the love for that which gives pleasure to your ears!

We’ve compiled a list of the guiltiest pleasures making us cringe with delight over in W10, some of which you can listen to on the ‘Have a Listen’ player. Now go guiltily, gently and pleasureably into the soft night.

Our list:

1.        She’s a Lady / Tom Jones

2.        Sign of the Times / The Belle Stars

3.        Weak in the Presence of Beauty / Alison Moyet

4.        You’re Such a Good Looking Woman / Joe Dolan

5.        You Think You’re a Man / Divine

6.        John Wayne is Big Leggy

7.        Sweet Little Mystery /  Wet Wet Wet

8.        Independent Love Song / Scarlet

9.        Perfect Moment / Martine Mccutcheon

10.     Come Back and Stay / Paul Young

11.     Puppy Love / Donny Osmond

12.     Sweet Freedom / Michael Mcdonald

13.     Because We Want To / Billie

14.     Ay Ay AY Moosey / Modern Romance

15.     Power to All Our Friends / Cliff Richard

And the guiltiest? Cliff Richard. Obviously. For anyone who hasn’t seen the 1973 Eurovision appearance peruse away..


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